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Block Paving - information
Block paving has become increasingly fashionable over the past 15 years for its neat appearance and practicality, and now thanks to mass production the price of paving has reduced dramatically becoming more generally more affordable.

Block paving can be installed anywhere from driveways to garden paths and patios and are very hard wearing, lasting you many years. Admittedly, they definitely look much more attractive than standard concrete or tarmac, especially as blocks can be laid in a variety of patterns and designs to suit your needs.

Met Group offers a wide range of materials to suit your specific block paving needs and desires, and we make it our priority to offer an expert and high standard service for every job undertaken.
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We offer a special 6 target drive system for block paving which includes:
  • Preparation -      Marking out the area of planned paving.
  • Excavation -       Digging the depth required. Ensuring all surface is filled in and all drainage is protected with concrete.
  • Edge Courses - Setting up a guide and level of edge courses and laying bricks on concrete bed.
  • Sub-base -          Spreading and levelling a layer of a sub-base to match the finished paving.
  • Bedding -            Spreading and levelling bedding sand to the correct level.
  • Block Laying -   Laying all blocks ensuring high a accuracy and perfect level.

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